Faces from the Gasfields puts a human face to the issue of coal seam gas.

These are the stories of ordinary Australians whose way of life is under threat as a $200 billion industry lands in their backyards. They are grandparents and small children, city mayors and graziers, astronomers and cake decorators. Some of the families have been farmers for hundreds of years. Others have moved from the big city for a more peaceful life. 












The faces of coal seam gas are just regular Australians fighting for their land, their rights and their future.

From the Armidale grandmother who locked herself on to a carrier truck in the Pilliga forest to the Chinchilla mother of 11 who is desperately trying to safeguard the health of her children, they have displayed courage and stoicism, choosing in the face of enormous pressure to stand up and speak out.  

Their message: every Australian can and must take action to help prevent an environmental catastrophe.

Faces from the Gasfields is a project by Australian documentary FRACKMAN.

Portraits by Andrew Quilty and Dean Sewell (Oculi) and Jarra Joseph-McGrath

Additional photographs courtesy of Lock the Gate. 

Project manager/ Annika Blau 

Authors/ Emma Rapaport, Lillian Radulova, Louisa Studman, Annika Blau

Digital co-ordinator/ Emma Rapaport 

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